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Must-Have Defensive Driving Apps

Driving a vintage car and knowing certain things about the car such as how the transmission works or how to change the tires will get you in touch with your vehicle; however, this is only in the classic sense. If you want to get the most out of your car, you don’t need to be […]

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IPOD is not just for Music

1. Make sure images are saved in Mail and Safari When you encounter a nice image, that you wish to save while reading email or browsing the Internet, just click and hold for several seconds. Then, you will see a menu that allows you to store it on your camera in the Photograph section. 2. […]

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IPod Tips & Tricks That Work

There are quite a few iPod tips & tricks that will make your device even more user friendly. Hidden Keyboard Features – Hit the space bar twice at the end of your next sentence to automatically place a period and the space after. – Press and hold the period and the ellipses will automatically appear. […]

Functions of Your IPOD That You Might Not Know

Get Screen Shots Copied to Your Computer Maybe you want to show a friend your latest wallpaper, or perhaps you wish to keep a log of your trendy backgrounds. Or, you are running low on battery power and need to show your friend that you managed to surpass his highest hangman score. Fortunately, it is […]